Wednesday, November 7, 2012

     Well, as you can see from the photos, we are travelling constatntly. In Cumberland B.C. now, we have our first day of sunshine in a couple weeks. Don't get me wrong - I am happy we got through the mountains with no snow, but it has been very grey, and it is nice to see the sun. We play Port Alberni tonight, and I will see my two brothers-in-law, Scott and Mark. So....let's see....we left off in Nelson, a pretty how town with up so floating many bells down....had a small but mighty crowd at the Royal, with a few musicianers in attendance. Next day cruised into the high desert of Spence's Bridge, a mecca for steelhead fishermen who were lining the banks of the Thompson River. The gig (at the Packinghouse) was in a fantastic turn of the century  fruit warehouse -  a tiny líl warehouse that was jammed with 25 folks and we had a LARGE time. Steve, owner and host, was most accommodating and gracious, feeding us and giving us his farmhouse to stay in.

Next morning we had breakfast at the Packinghouse - fully half the diners were wearing chest waders!!!! Then off to Vancouver, following the mighty Fraser River in its' wild and rugged gorge. We made a stop in Hope, to try to find a venue to play, but seems like there is no hope in Hope... so if any of you resident blues fans wanna host a house party there, we "Hope" to snag a gig there one day....

It is always a strange feeling to re-enter a major urban area after motivating in the countryside for several weeks.... suddenly, the density and crush of humanity closes in.... concrete covers the earth, and the rushing around begins... we shop for cheap gas before entering Vancouver, then arrive at our digs to settle in.

The west coast - Spot Prawns, Wild Salmon, Dungeness Crab... YES! Also home of White Spots - the onliest restaurant in Canada that serves real hashbrowns with breakfast (well, yes, so does Denny's, but we do have a sense of pride here, and there are limits to our dining possibilities.

After a couple of house parties in the Vancouver area, we got on the ferry to Nanaimo, then headed to Cedar, where we played Yellow Point Lodge, an amazing resort dating from the 30's, with many long-time customers and a host - Richard Hill - who is also a wonderful bass player. I had played here last fall, and fell in love with the place.....the setting is dramatic, and the feeling in the lodge is comfortable and cozy, from the giant fireplace, to the log construction, to the staff and communal meals, it is unique - and the guests really loved the concert. Richard can sure play that ol'doghouse bass.....

Only seven more Doc and Morgan gigs to go on this Tour !

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