Monday, November 12, 2012

Island to High Land- Kamloops House Concert

Here we are waiting for the ferry to get off the Island. We're hoping for an easy ride through the mountains to tonight's show in Kamloops...

It's a pretty ride, the miles go by easily, and before we know it we have arrived in Kamloops for our house concert. We are met by our hosts Sabrina Weeks and her partner, Mike. Nice to hang out with another left handed guitar player- especially one with a collection of fine instruments!

The concert is great fun- well attended. Again, we really appreciate the hospitality- and it's so rewarding to see some of the key people from the local blues scene sitting in the front rows!

Host and jacket winner! Congrats, Mike- and thanks to you and Sabrina for a fabulous night. We love these house concerts! Sabrina is off to be a blues diva at Massey Hall in Toronto in just a couple of weeks time. Wow. Congrats. We wish you all the best! Take lots of pictures!

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