Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tour Car Needed

The lady crossed the centre line on Landsdowne Ave., in west Toronto. Coming down the wrong side of the narrow road, she took out the side of the Lincoln, breaking the back axle and wheels, pushing the car sideways into a utility pole. Her car stopped further down the road in a pool of fluids and gasoline. Later, after the ambulances had taken two people to hospital, after the police had cleared the scene and charged the other driver, my insurance company offered me $1500 to replace my tour car! This blues ride is no more.

A beautiful white Lincoln in tip top shape, gleaming at it skimmed along Canada's highways. Not to the Cooperators insurance company- in light of the 50 thousand bucks I've paid in premiums over the years I am shocked at how they treat their customers when it gets to be claims time. Seriously, folks- don't even consider a policy with Cooperators. I'm borrowing cash to buy another Lincoln while I go to court to try and get a reasonable settlement from them.

Meanwhile, I'm now looking for a 1997 Lincoln Town Car- Cartier or Signature trim, in black or white, leather interior, prefer vinyl roof. A nice one. No rust, no dents. I'd take a similar Lincoln, or possibly even a more recent year. The blues not only has to travel in style, but it needs a trunk that can hold a PA and a bunch of guitars. Not to worry. A replacement Lincoln will be found before this Tour goes mobile!