Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hey now here we are in Nelson B.C., had a rare night off and took the opportunity to have a nice , leisurely dinner at a fine place called Bibo's... duck confit and steelhead trout...YES! It was really needed after the previous night's "feed" in New Denver. If you are passing through, please go right by the Valhalla Inn/Restaurant. We are by no means food snobs, but this place is the low point on our journey. We only wish we had the camera to photograph the food before it was sent back... truly indescribable...

The gig, however, in the next li'l town of Silverton, was a delight...and a full house! The folks made us feel very welcome, we had real nice accomms at Wendy's house deep in the woods, surrounded by bears.

This trip is getting more and more fun as we approach week 3. The stage show is relaxed, and it seems we have been doing this for a long, long time.....looking forward to the Nelson show at the Royal tonight, where we initiate the "Blues for Buds" program......yes, I love the barter system, and we have always been behind Farm-Aid, so we stretch to get our music to growers out in the far-flung mountain fields and meadows....

After many conversations in the Deluxe Lincoln "Cartier Edition" Town Car, we have discovered that Doc and I have much in common. First, we were introducted to each other by a fine musicianer and friend, Colin Linden. We have, over the years, both played and recorded with Colin. In fact, he worked on both of our recent CDs!

We have both been travelling the blues highway for over 40 years.

We both had bands with horn sections in the 1980's.

We both shook hands with Son House.

We both came from the United States and made our home in Canada.

We each came from a family of two boys and one girl.

Both our kids Alasdair Maclean, 16 and Rosie Davis, 23... are musicianers.

We both love and have owned and/or do own antique vehicles.

We both likes our coffee in the morning..... and we crazy 'bout our tea at night..... So long til the next post.... Morgan

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  1. Lovin' it, fellas. Great to see all the beautiful smiling people.