Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fortunately the weather was with us for the monumental 2 day haul-our-asses-over-the-mountains-and-get-back-to-the-flatlands travel days....but we paid the helluvest price with our compressed, mutilated, de-formed and tortured spinal cords. Long ride! #1 Trans Canada ... sho' is hard....on a man.
 Happily, we made it to Brooks, Alberta in record time. Passing the huge, state-of-the-art packing house XL Foods on the outskirts of town reminded us we were in beef country...and we were mighty hongry. We decide to forgo the many chain restaurants and picked Gus Steak and Pizza House...what could be better than "Family Dining"?

 I decided on the Hamburger Steak, and Doc chose the Hot Hamburger. When presented, I could easily see that the steak was very well done...and upon tasting it, was convinced that it had been cooked the day before, to insure that it was indeed well done and "safe" , for some reason the chef must have deemed necessary. Doc was presented with not a Hot Hamburger, but a Roast Beef sandwich, which he devoured anyway - as you recall, we were ravenous -  he plowed through the gristle with determination.

 Now for a relaxing evening at the Telstar Motel...dig the neon !

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  1. Sorry ... for laughing.
    Hope your bums are better by now.