Sunday, November 11, 2012

Victoria Folk Society- Blues at Norway House

Mile Zero of the road we ride so often across this great country. Terry Fox behind- to inspire us.
Victoria is still green, and it ought to be, given the rain we've seen.

 The gate to our wonderful digs here in Victoria, BC. A city of hedges!

The show at Norway House, presented by the Victoria Folk Society, ends up being filled to capacity. It is big fun. The crowd is with us from the beginning, and our encores run us into overtime. Ian, Jordy, Rockland- great Victoria musicians- can be seen standing in the back. Thanks very much for coming out everybody- much appreciated! Nice to see so many out for the Blues in Victoria!

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  1. That was an amazing performance!! (I'm the one in green with the laser eyes ) :) Thank-you so much for a wonderful night!