Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saskatchewan on the Edge of the World

Kathy and Scott host us for breakfast out on their farm. The great food and conversation makes the greasy drive worthwhile. Before long we are in motion- we've got over five hours of driving between here and our show tonight in Lloydminster, SK

We elect to take the road less travelled. This is something that Morgan and I both like to do. I suppose that's part of what keeps us at this kind of life: stopping, looking and listening along the way. The flatlands change to rolling hills. I guess this is the edge of high prairie. It's big sky, for sure. We hit the Yellowhead highway- sweet sixteen- and ride it uneventfully through the Battlefords. Neither of us have ever managed to book a show here. The guy at the gas station says he'd love to see a blues act. "You should play the Casino," he says. One of the ladies in the line wants an autograph. I stop at the old cemetery on the west side of town to check on a family stone. My people are scattered all up and down these blue highways- all buried alone. I guess it runs in the blood. Who would of thought that someday some descendant dressed in black would stop for a moment, idling a Lincoln, and toss a penny on such a lonesome grave?

 There's usually a gun show someplace in Lloydminster, SK, and it seems that today is no exception. Little signs propped up everywhere. Buy. Sell. Trade. Duck hunters. Trucks. But Lloyd is changing and changing fast. Oil dollars don't just buy boots, guns and trucks. They also buy concert tickets, fine wine, fine food, and art. Our gig is at a splendidly appointed cafe and gallery called The Root. The food is amazing, the wine is good. The stage is near perfect, and the staff are friendly and enthused.

We have a really nice crowd for our show. The room may not be sold out, but it's reasonably close to capacity- and it is largely a listening crowd. Morgan and I have so much fun that we forget to take pictures during the show! Lloyd is cool!! The Root rules!!

 It's a busy town, so we needed to share a room here. Nice digs though. We appreciate these when we get them.

I'm a little out of practice taking trio pictures. Sorry, Morgan! Here we are with Root owner/operator Amanda at the end of the night. She just won a much deserved "new business of the year" award! Congrats! We look forward to visiting here again on future tours. If you live near Lloydminster do visit the Root. This is destined to be one of the best acoustic and roots music stops across Canada, and it's already a food and art destination. A cultural hub. Thanks, Amanda.

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