Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nokomis to Saskatoon, SK

And which object is different? Nokomis Main St. at 7:00 AM.

It's been fun, but after a great breakfast with Little Miss Higgens and her family- we're back on the open road.

The soft, prairie landscape will eventually suck everything back. Here, a barn sits, half swallowed, tail up like a diving duck in the rain.

We play Saskatoon, SK tonight. I really appreciate the great work the Saskatoon Blues Society does here. Supporting this tour with a Tuesday night show helps us across the West. We get a good crowd out for the show. Morgan and I have both got quite a few fans in this town. It is so great to roll in and see familiar faces in the crowd- even some wearing National Steel tour jackets!

Morgan entertains some folks outside the venue. He's also a top notch air guitar player!

Our pal Lynn Victoria won the Tour jacket! Nope- it wasn't fixed!! Congrats, Lynn, I know you wanted one of these!!

Thanks to all the volunteers and members of the Saskatoon Blues Society who helped make this show happen- promo, sound, lights, door, merch table... Without your efforts there would be a lot less going on in not only your town, but in other places across the map. Keep up the great work, and know that you are appreciated!

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