Saturday, October 13, 2012

On the Road with Morgan

Under blue skies, this Tour is looking good- and sounding even better. After a great, kick-off gig in Brandon, MB last night I'm sure both Morgan and myself are feeling relieved. We knew this was going to work- but, if our start off show is any indication at all- this is going to be an absolute blast!

Travel is good. We've got the cruise switched on and the big Lincoln is just eating up the miles across Manitoba into Saskatchewan. Morgan and I have travelled these roads individually for years, so we are enjoying the ride together today.

"Did you ever stop here?"

"Do you know what's back there?"

"Let's check this out..."

We've got a live Skip James CD cranked up, a couple of big Tim's coffees on the go, and we're talking Moose Jaw before we know it.

"If you're goin' down to Moose Jaw, take the right hand road..."
 It's a brand new venue for us in this town- traditionally a pretty difficult place to book roots and blues music into. I've recently discovered Kergano's, and it looks like it will be a quality venue.

We are not disappointed! Host/owner/master chef Tye makes us welcome and feeds us one of the best meals I've had in years. Hard to believe this is Moose Jaw! This town is changing and fast. We are quickly set up, sound checked, and before you know it the place is full and ready for action.

It's a real nice crowd, and our sets go by quickly for us- in spite of being over an hour in length. I sure do like playing with Morgan. He's definitely the king of groove. When he settles in under one of my songs I feel free on top of it. "Dead Men Walking" is a real stand out for me this evening. We both tell stories. I play guitar, harmonica and washboard behind Morgan. We each do a few solo numbers. I love Morgan's Robert Johnson stuff, so I sit back and listen with everyone else. Nothing else is required! I am so blessed to be sharing a stage with Morgan! It's hard to believe we've known each other for nearly 40 years and have never done this before. And that cigar box of his sounds amazing- the most fun I've had playing harmonica in years, dropping notes in around it. I can hardly wait for the next show to do it again. I haven't been able to play like this since Colin Linden and I were a duo, since we played out as the BBQ Boys with Sam Chatmon, Sunnyland Slim, and so many others...

We end the night with an encore, and then it's back to the Hideaway Motel. The night is still young in Moose Jaw, and the pickup trucks are in from the farms. I prop my room door open and listen to the tires on the road outside; the laughter of girls on the sidewalk, the roar of the Harley Davidsons waiting for green. There's a guy selling hot dogs. I buy one, and bust open a beer on the door jamb. It's been a good day. This is going to be a good Tour. What we are doing is very strong and unique right out of the gate. I knew this was going to work! The Blues Medicine is strong. Dreamland is coming, and the wild geese are flying overhead.

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