Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catherine, not Blues Emergency for Calgary Date!

I had brunch this morning with Catherine MacLellan, a great PEI singer-songwriter whom you probably know already. We were comparing Tour notes and discovered that we were both scheduled to play the same Calgary venue on the same day! Oops. Morgan and I will not be at the Ironwood after all, in fact we are now looking to fill Thursday, Oct 25 elsewhere in the region!! House concert, anyone?

Stuff like this happens once in a while, but not often. The Ironwood is one of Canada's top venues, so Morgan and I are going to miss playing it this year. Gotta roll with this stuff! At least the error was discovered now, not at the door of the venue! I've put some feelers out to try and fill this date elsewhere in the region. The Ironwood has been advertising us for Saturday, October 27, but we will be in Golden, BC that day- as you see on the Tour schedule sidebar and posters. Sorry Calgary is going to miss the Blues Emergency, but you can catch Catherine MacLellan!

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