Friday, October 26, 2012

From St. Albert to Red Deer

 Sayin' good-bye to our digs at the Commercial Hotel, in Edmonton, AB. It's a great blues town!

Our last night in Edmonton took us to LBs, a club in St. Albert just north of the city. We were greeted with great enthusiasm and hospitality....we were the openers for their jam night, and there were lots of eager musicianers there. Mark Ammer is a fine drummer and he introducted us to all the key players. After our set, the stage was filled with guitar players, along with Randy on bass and Mark on drums. We had a big time.

Left the Commercial Hotel after a five day stay, and headed down to Red Deer for a house party. Well, what a fine time we were shown in this town. Our hosts, Ron and Joan,went out of their way to make us feel at home, and did a swell job filling the living room with food and music fans. There was lots of laughter and a mighty good time playing, me an' Doc really diggin' into the music now that we have a couple weeks under our belt.

Jacket winner!!!

Next morning, we decided to enrich the economy of Red Deer and went to Wei's Western clothing, where Doc bought a pair of Tony Llama boots and we both picked out  super fancy shirts (Designed in Texas - Made in China)! Hey now Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - you better watch it - we be hot on your fashion trail.....

 Ron and Joan were kind enough to put up with us...that is, put us up for an extra night that we had off, and we spent the whole day relaxing....they are true patrons of the arts, and we sure hope to play their place again down the road..... Off to Calgary today!

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  1. Keep these blog entries coming ... it's fun to follow along with you two blues ramblers.