Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mobile!! It's A Go!!

Mobile this morning in just a few minutes time. Not without the odd glitch- damned if I can find the camera to computer cable I need to transfer pics- I'll have to buy a new one on the way out of town. Other, less visible, parts of the Tour are way behind schedule, but nothing I can't manage via wifi in a Starbucks parking lot. It has been a slow process this year, but here we are at launch looking at about 85 shows. Dinner tonight at Smoke Meat Pete's in west Montreal. I may even play a few tunes as well. The genuine satin, white stripe tour jackets look great, and I have plenty of them to scatter across Canada. I'm really looking forward to visiting with musical friends like Matchstick Mike and Joe Murphy in the Maritimes. In the west I will, of course, be joined by the great Morgan Davis for about six weeks of shows. Morgan's got a great new, Colin Linden co-produced CD, called "Drive My Blues Away." It's on Electro-Fi records and if you listen to blues radio in North America you are probably hearing tracks from it now. Classic Morgan Davis in a mostly solo setting. Now I'm out the door!

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