Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roads to Miramichi

Waking up to hustle and bustle. It turns out that I've parked the Lincoln Hotel in front of the local farmer's market. I'm up early, but the car is a pretty good sleeper, so I don't feel too bad... Anyway, I've got breakfast on my doorstep and I can smell the coffee!

I guess I do need that coffee. An extra large, please.

I was originally scheduled to play Sackville tonight, but as the date fell through on short notice, I've had to scramble to try and fill it. My pal Matchstick Mike came up with a gig for the two of us over in Miramichi, NB. I've never been over there before, so I jump at the opportunity. Also, it's going to be fun playing with Mike. He's a regional legend- a great guitar and mandolin player, bandleader, singer, writer... And I have plans for driving up through Hartland. I've got to backtrack north a little to get to it, but there are no straight lines to follow around here.

Hey, I'm a tourist, too. It's a grey day, just off season, and I have the place to myself.
The highlands, in places where they are more cleared and sheltered. Rolling farms here in the river valley, far from the roar of the TransCanada Highway.

I live to ride roads like this one. Just beyond the frame some guys in a big Ram pickup truck are hitting a moose about... now. When I get there, a dead cow is on the side of the road and the fellas are looking a little dazed. The front of their big, new truck is completely destroyed. The airbags have gone off, there is no windshield left. But these lads are lucky- they walk with only bruises. I ask them if they would like me to help them hide the moose. They look at me blankly. "It did wreck your truck, why waste it?" I ask. But they are not in the mood to poach their roadkill, so I head on my way. I don't have time, strength or tools to quarter it up myself...

I've got pics of the Miramichi, NB gig coming soon... So this day is to be continued! Thanks for dropping by.

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