Thursday, September 6, 2012

Night on the Town of Woodstock, NB

Big, bold slashes of highway across the New Brunswick highlands. The Lincoln is purring along under cruise control and I'm enjoying the ride. This car got me from Cornwall, ON to Edmundston, NB on a single tank of gas. The overdrive is quite cool...

I came down one of the old, back highways for part of the day. Strong resemblance to rural Quebec here, except I can order food in English without the guilt. Actually, my broken french seems to work better here. God is always standing in the distance, trying to figure out what to do with me next...

Clearly, Woodstock, NB is to be spared my devil's music yet once more. I'm a little early for soundcheck, but apparently a little late to learn of the venue's closing! I head up the road to Tim Horton's, where the wifi is free, to plot my night on the Town. Damn!

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