Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road to St. Andrews, NB

Creeping out of Nova Scotia on an empty tank of gas- it was as much as eight cents cheaper on the New Brunswick side last night. A little game between me and the car... how far on how little? I put in only a few litres of gas this morning, and I've already had a rural adventure to buy a few more litres. Always do math after coffee, not before, as I did this morning! The digital gauge had actually reached "distance remaining: 0 km" when I rolled in to buy yet more of the expensive gas.

At the first station inside New Brunswick I run into Morgan Davis! Are we on the same page, or what! Both of us are distressed to learn that the price of gas in this province has jumped by four to five cents overnight. Gas Buddy- my trusty phone app- had flagged $1.30 in Moncton just last night. Now we're paying $1.38.9 at the side of the road. The Lincoln drinks $82 at this stop. I get a coffee for $1.70. Hey, who's the star of this show anyway???

Morgan and I will try to catch up in Fredericton. He's on his way to set up at the Snooty Fox, where he will hold court for three nights of Harvest Blues and Jazz festivities. I've got to make St. Andrews, NB, where I've got a pub show tonight. I'll hit Harvest tomorrow. Right now, we're back on the highway. It's all on schedule, but neither of us has time to spare. We form a little blues convoy for the next half hour until the roads diverge. Harvest Blues and Jazz is one of North America's great music festivals. There are bigger festivals, but few can rival the comprehensive festival experience offered here. I'm always thrilled and grateful to be invited.

I've got an early evening show scheduled in the postcard town of St. Andrews, NB. It's a coastal town tucked way down in the southwest corner of the province, near the US border. I roll in early to the Red Herring. They've got a pretty good little house PA, but I'm darned if I can get it to work! It's a bit of a mind twister, but eventually I tear it down and snap it back with my own cables and mics. Works good now! Amazing what a single bad cable can do to a whole system! Reminds me of why I like to arrive early...

It's a low key show delivered to a track and field club, some Brit tourists, some bikers from Maine. I'm done before I know it and soon I'm sitting in the expansive kitchen of Salty Towers, Jamie Steel's rambling old guest house mansion on the edge of town. A nice way to wind down the day, chatting with travellers. I climb to my bed far too early, but sleep is good and won't wait.

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