Monday, July 2, 2012

Fifty Dates Sold- Now Just a Few Left!

It has been a slow year for booking in Canada. The price of fuel is high and, like Rory Block, I know quite a few artists who will not be traveling this year, quite a few venues that are closing their doors or cutting back on shows, and quite a few people who don't go out as often as they once did. Morgan and I have both made our livings as traveling musicians for the past forty years, and we really appreciate your support- for us and for other artists as well. Not only are we committed to bringing the blues to Your Town- but this is the only life we know.

Now that the current Tour has sold some fifty dates coast to coast, I'd like to thank all of those who have agreed to be part of it- booking the blues, presenting the blues, feeding the blues, accommodating the blues over nine provinces and about 25 thousand km. There are only a few dates left to fill, and we're gonna get 'em nailed in, too! We're counting down! If you're already on board- great! If you're not, it's not too late!

Finally, I'm impressed and amazed that over seven years of booking this Tour coast to coast- some 650 National Steel shows in Canada's best and worse venues- never has a show been sold to Salmon Arm, BC, Medicine Hat, AB, or Sarnia, ON. These three towns form a dark trio of blank spots on the Tour maps and schedules. And I'm stubborn enough to keep asking and looking- that's what keeps the wheels turning.

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